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To answer common concrete pumping queries, we have listed down some questions that you may have: 

What is a Line Pump?

A hopper is used to receive concrete from a concrete agitator in a Line Pump. The concrete is driven from the hopper into a series of pipes or hoses attached to the Line Pump that run around the field to where the concrete is being poured.

What is a Boom Pump?

A boom pump is a concrete pump that is permanently fixed on a vehicle and has an unfolding boom. A permanent pipe with a series of swiveling bends runs from the hopper along the length of the boom, allowing the boom/pipe hybrid to unfold or stretch. Concrete may be pumped over barriers or to great heights or depths with a boom pump.

What if this is my first time using a concrete pump?

We’re here to assist you. We will help you pick the best equipment and give you some basic training. Refer to the given operations manual for more detail.

How can you handle yourself in a crisis?

The entire pump system will continue to pump in manual mode if there is an electrical failure. In the event of an emergency, operators can quickly convert the whole device from electric to manual mode.

What kind of pumps do I need for my job?

The pumping equipment required for your project will be calculated by a number of factors, such as the distance that concrete must be pumped;
The concrete blend that will be pumped;
How far does the equipment have to travel?
If there is rough terrain, overhead wires, or other barriers, or if road closures are needed, where will the pump be set up on-site?

To identify the most suitable equipment for the job, our trained technicians will review the project’s needs and evaluate the site’s conditions.

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